Volvo S70: The Traditional Volvo Box Type Vehicle

Volvo S70: The Traditional Volvo Box Type Vehicle

The Volvo S70 seems to be the remaining survivor of Volvo’s line up of traditional box types. This vehicle is from the go-fast T5 version. It has been the quickest and faster car that Volvo has been able to produce and craft for the automotive market. So what does the whole Volvo S70 T5 mean? If a person has had a quick background on the way Volvo christens its vehicles, he would be able to comprehend that the S stands for sedan. The number 70, meanwhile, is the midsize front wheel drive platform that is used in the Volvo S70’s crafting and manufacturing. As for the T5, well, that is the turbocharged engine with five cylinders. There also is the optional 2.3 liter DOHC engine, though, for this vehicle. And this engine has four valves per cylinder and is turbocharged and intercooled. It has the capacity and capability to produce some 240 units of horsepower at 5100 rpm.

The Volvo S70 is still another Volvo. Just by taking a look at its safety features, one would never think that this vehicle is done by any other vehicle manufacturer but Volvo. It has the capacity to take in a maximum of five passengers in its very comfortable cabin. Most people who have been able to come in contact with this vehicle know that it is indeed a bargain to get ahold of a Volvo S70. Its competition include the Audi A6, the BMW 5 series, the Chrysler Concorde, the Infiniti I 30, the Lexus ES 300, the Mazda Millenia, the Mercedes Benz C Class, as well as the Mitsubishi Diamante.

Although the Volvo S70 is sluggish without the turbocharger engine, it still is very well priced. It holds nice lines and has acquired a very good reputation for quality as well as safety. It offers more room than any of its competition. And people behind the wheel of the Volvo S70 will find it easy and well to handle. Standard equipment for this vehicle includes a four speed automatic transmission, a front wheel drive system, a four wheel anti lock braking system disc brakes, a rack and pinion power steering, front and side air bags, child safety locks, a power glass sunroof, a 9 way power driver’s seat, a remote keyless entry system, a security system, a climate control, power windows and mirrors, a stereo sound system with cassette, a tilt and telescopic wheel, as well as a remote trunk and fuel lids.

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