Volvo 850, Providing a Large Range of Choices for Consumers

Volvo 850, Providing a Large Range of Choices for Consumers

The United States knew the Volvo 850 as a 1993 model. However, if one looked further back into the history of this vehicle, he would come to know that the rest of the world was introduced to this vehicle as a 1992 model which was a year older than in the US. The Volvo 850 was the very first vehicle model in the US to feature a front wheel drive system as well as an all aluminum engine with twenty valves and five cylinders.

The Volvo 850 comes as either a saloon or an estate. It combines a dynamic driving performance with total flexibility and generous space. The company and the engineering of this vehicle guarantee owners and users that it would provide outstanding road holding, comfort, security, and safety, which is the most common knowledge about Volvo vehicles. This vehicle is no exception. There are seven different model specifications for this vehicle. Aside from that, interested parties also are given a choice of seven engines. These engines could be petrol-fueled or diesel-fueled. To suit each person’s unique need and want in a vehicle, there are various options that range from the economical commuting engines to the turbocharged super vehicle performance. This vehicle line is also made available with either a manual or an automatic transmission. There are some sixteen body colors to choose from as well as three interior color schemes and four upholstery finishes.

All the Volvo 850s sold in the United States hold standard equipment and features that include dual front airbags, anti lock brakes, head restraints, three-point seat belts for all passengers, power windows, power door locks, power mirrors, a cruise control system, and a dual zone climate control. The world’s first vehicle to introduce side torso airbags is the Volvo 850. This milestone breaking happened in 1995 when this safety feature was given as an option. Now aside from this feature, other options were added in and offered. The list includes traction control, a leather interior, a power glass moonroof, power seats, heated seats, a remote keyless entry system, an automatic climate control, and an automatic transmission.

As per the Volvo 850’s performance, it has been said that this vehicle is a driver’s car. This is for the very reason that even if this vehicle is very capable of producing and using much power, there is still that control that the drivers have. The handling and driving has been tested and was found to provide maximum outputs that would suit your driving style and preference.

One of the best ways to maintain the quality of a vehicle is by replacing worn out and outdated parts with new ones. By doing this, a Volvo vehicle like the Volvo 850 acquires a new life with excellent quality parts. These quality Volvo 850 parts and Volvo auto parts are available in many online stores that make shopping easier and faster. One such reliable and reputable online site is Volvo Parts and Used Volvo Parts which is one of the leading online auto parts stores today.

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