Robinair 75700 Coolant Fluid Exchanger

Robinair 75700 Coolant Fluid Exchanger

In a modern, state of the art automotive service shop, coolant fluid removal can be a real money maker or a labor intensive process. Especially if you are not operating the right equipment. With today’s modern equipment it is possible to easily and efficiently remove coolant fluid from most vehicles without making a gigantic mess on the shop floor and burning up labor hours. Less sophisticated mechanics still manually drain the coolant system, take apart the coolant system and reintroduce new coolant. Doing it the “old fashioned way” is just that, old fashioned and unprofessional. If you are in the business of making money on auto service work, a Robinair 75700 Coolant Fluid exchanger will help you achieve those goals. The old fashioned way can take over an hour, but with a Robinair 75700, a trained mechanic can do the coolant fluid exchange on vehicle in as little as 10 minutes! You can imagine how many cars you can pump through your shop for coolant exchanges in the summer months and the dollars will begin to add up.

Here is how the process works: You connect the radiator fill port to the Robinair 75700 with a supplied hose and also connecting the upper radiator port with another supplied hose. Basically, you have inserted the Robinair 75700 Coolant Fluid Exchanger into the middle of a car’s coolant system. You can control the flow of old and new coolant with the control valves on the unit. Once the machine is correctly connected to the coolant system, a vacuum is created to the coolant system. The old coolant in the system is forced out through hose into a collecting tank built into the Robinair 75700 and the new coolant begins filling the system from the other tank in the unit that contains fresh coolant. This whole process takes place in a completely sealed system, so the no coolant fluids will spill or leak on the shop floor. With a coolant fluid exchanger the whole process can be completed with a minimum of time and mess.

The Robinair 75700 is safe.

The 75700 is the one best and safest coolant fluid exchangers on the market and here’s why. First, it runs completely from shop air. All you have to do is connect a 90 psi air hose from you shop air compressor and your coolant fluid exchanger has all power it needs. Other exchangers on the market use electricity for power and this creates an electrical hazard when working with fluids. Also, the 75700 has an “engine off” that allows the technician to perform the coolant exchange without the vehicle running. This means no moving belts , pulleys and fan blades. The unit does the work for you and doesn’t require any help from the car’s engine to move the coolant fluid.

The Robinair 75700 is simple to run and operate.

Training technicians can time consuming and lets face it, they have enough to learn and remember without having to learn the controls of complicated coolant fluid exchanger. The Robinair 75700 is a breeze to operate and has a quick learning curve. The controls are 2 large easy to use valves and a large easy to read gauge. There is also sight glass on the side of the unit that clearly shows the amount of coolant in the waste tank. Simple controls also translate into quicker turn around times as well. A technician can hook a coolant fluid exchanger up and turn a few valves and within minutes the process is complete.

The Robinair 75700 is rugged and built to last.

An automotive shop can be a demanding environment and your service equipment needs to be able to withstand it in order to last. Even the best mechanics can hard on your equipment and the more durable it is, the longer it lasts. The 75700 cabinet is built from impact resistant polypropylene. The industrial strength plastic will scratch or dent like units made of metal. They are also impervious to chemicals and paint. This means your coolant fluid exchanger will look good for years to come. One feature that is easy to overlook but makes a big difference is the large inflatable tires on the machine. Other units may use small casters and it is all too easy to tip the machine over on an air hose or other obstruction. The 75700 easily navigates most shop obstacles with the over sized tires.

The Robinair 75700 is the recommended fluid coolant exchanger for the modern auto shop. With all these features and the simplicity of operation. Red Hill Supply highly recommends this unit for durability and state of the art technology. If your auto shop does a lot coolant fluid exchanges, an investment in a Robinair 75700 coolant fluid exchanger will pay off in months.

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