Mazda Protégé: One of Mazda’s Best Selling Vehicles

Mazda Protégé: One of Mazda’s Best Selling Vehicles

Compared to the very first cars that the Mazda auto manufacturing company introduced to the market, the modern ones have come out to be bigger, more advanced, and yes, much more expensive. Of course, for most companies, larger packages come with a greater price. Just imagine the GLC, or the Great Little Car. It was an okay kind of car, but with the replacements done and the innovations that Mazda has learned through the years, they have come up with exceptional vehicles like the Mazda Protégé.

The Mazda Protégé replaced the Mazda 323 in 1990. That year, the Mazda Protégé held four doors. Come 1995, it was changed and the replacement Mazda Protégé came out to be two doors less.

Despite the high price for the Mazda Protégé, customers have also been flocking to get a hold of this vehicle. This is because this vehicle offers a very comfortable interior, a smooth driving experience and a superb kind of handling. The performance is unforgettable. All of these characteristics are found in just one vehicle. That is why this has become one of the most sold Mazda vehicles. And to continually please their customer base, Mazda has been learning from their mistakes and they have been doing changes every year.

The Mazda Protégé has been made available in three trim levels. The ES trim level comes with a 1.8 liter engine with four cylinders. It can produce a maximum of 122 horsepower. They hold bigger front disc brakes and quality standard equipments are also a part of this trim. As per the last two trim levels which are the LX and the DX, both are powered by a 1.6 liter engine with four cylinders. It has the capacity to create some 105 units of horsepower. Standard for all three is a five speed manual transmission. Given as an option is a four speed automatic transmission.

Features for the Mazda Protégé include an underhood insulator pad, power assisted four wheel disc brakes, a rack and pinion steering with variable power assist, an MP3 modified suspension and exhaust, front and rear stabilizer bars, a CFC free air conditioning, a remote keyless entry system with illuminated entry, 17 inch alloy wheels with a hyper silver paint finish, alloy wheel locks, a satin finish grille, a tinted glass, fog lamps, floor mats, a remote hood release, as well as a tachometer among many other features.

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