A 30-Year Saga

A 30-Year Saga

A full-size luxury car manufactured by Mazda, the Mazda 929 is also sold as the Efini MS-9. For thirty years, this vehicle was continuously manufactured and produced. At times, the Mazda 929 shared its chassis with the Mazda Luce, which it eventually replaced in 1973 – the very same year that the Mazda 929 was introduced to the public. What replaced this vehicle after its production was halted was the Mazda 9.

For Japan, where this vehicle was crafted, this vehicle was quite large as a coupe, sedan, or station wagon. This line held a 1.8 liter incline 4 Mazda 1800 engine. This engine was capable of an 83 hp output. The Mazda 929 held a 98.9 inch wheelbase, a front track that measure 54.3 inches, its rear track having 53.9 inches, a length of 173.4 inches, measuring 65.6 inches was its width, and had a total of 2414 pounds of weight. Upon its introduction the first generation Mazda 929s sported five different engines from 1973 up until 1981.

In 1981, the second generation of Mazda 929s emerged from its manufacturing plant. It was still the export version of the Mazda Luce. It was sold a large front-engine rear-wheel drive sedan that was using the new HB platform as its base and this was also shared with the Mazda Cosmo. Three engines were used in the life span of the second generation Mazda 929s. The third generation came into view after a couple of years. This time, the vehicle modeled a pillared four-door sedan along with a slightly larger Hardtop with four doors and no pillars. Its engine was upgraded to a Double Overhead Cam type that had 24 valves, thus slightly increasing its fuel economy, performance and reliability. It also used an anti-lock braking system, and an electric antenna, and a few changes were likewise done to its exterior.

As for the final generation of Mazda 929s, this remained as Mazda’s luxury flagship premium sedan. It held a redesigned and more-rounded flowing body that was 5 ½ inches longer in its wheelbase. Dual airbags had been also added. The engine gained five horsepower. A glass moonroof replaced the former metal unit and the Premium Package included a wood console trim and a rear-armrest storage compartment. It also held front shoulder belts that were adjustable to users’ height. Added up were leather upholstery, a remote keyless entry system, and a wood interior trim. This vehicle has become generally well-controlled. It held a tight and responsive steering and has a braking prowess that ranks highest among its class. Low interior noise levels could be heard and the slim roof pillars provide a good visibility. Large and clear analog gauges and controls are mounted on its attractive dashboard and are conveniently positioned for easy access.

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In a nutshell, the Mazda 929 could suffer from a somewhat uncomfortable driving position, a cramped passenger and cargo room, and a weak weather traction during wet days. However, these are completely covered up by its strong anti-lock braking system, a perfect steering and handling, pure quietness, and a maximum braking ability.